Aircraft bomb

SPA “Bazalt” is the head and sole organization in Russia and CIS which provides for a full product life-cycle including designing, manufacturing and disposal of aircraft bombs.

Aircraft bombs as one of the main kinds of ammo are included in armament of AF assault aircraft complexes, Navy aviation and Army aviation helicopter complexes including current and advanced carrier aircraft.

Analysis of recent decade local military conflicts showed that aircraft bombs are and for the foreseeable future will remain the most important component of airborne armament.

The advantages of aircraft bombs primarily include the following:

  • high efficient defeat of hostile area (group) targets including manpower, armored targets and materiel, military industrial installations etc.;
  • essentially no limits as to conditions of storage, transportation and combat application from all carrier types;
  • high reliability and safety;
  • design and maintenance simplicity;
  • relatively low cost.

 Throughout the enterprise’s long history (it was founded in 1938 as a developer of aircraft bombs) several generations (over 600 models) of aircraft bombs of various purposes have been developed, deployed to the Armed Forces and put into the series production:      

  • high-explosive and fragmentation aircraft bombs including assault ones intended for low-level release;
  • concrete-piercing aircraft bombs intended for destructing targets located in reinforced concrete shelters, military industrial installations, airfield runways, highways;
  • fuel-air explosive bombs intended for engaging manpower (sheltered or located on open terrain) and materiel, as well as for minefields clearing;
  • incendiary, anti-submarine and other types of bombs.

Bazalt’s specialists were the first in the world to develop the unified antitank sensor-fuzed submunition comprising a WH using the self-forging fragment (“slug”). In addition, the weaponry items which have been developed in Russia during recent decades in terms of the combination of their technical and performance characteristics outperform foreign counterparts or do not have analogs in the world.