Anti-saboteur Grenade Launcher Weapons

Anti-saboteur grenade launcher weapons developed by SPA “Bazalt” are one of the most important components of anti-saboteur defense of the nearest zone of operational deployment and isolated naval and coastal installations. In terms of its performance characteristics the developed systems have no counterparts in the world

SPA “Bazalt” supplies to the Russian Navy a number of anti-saboteur complexes, among them the DP-64 grenade launchers. If required, they can be used by civil vessels for fighting against pirates. The DP-64 design uses an active grenade launching circuit, due to this the grenade launcher has a closed-type breech piece. This significantly extends the range of grenade launcher combat use. It can be fired like a conventional small arms system at any sites on the ship deck, from submarine deckhouses or helicopters. Due to its ingenious design, the grenade launcher is essentially a soundless weapon which is highly important for its use in seaports or naval bases. The DP-64 has two 45mm barrels which allows its rate of fire to be significantly increased (up to 5-6 rpm) and underwater saboteur engagement efficiency to be considerably improved. The DP-64 ammo set includes grenades of two types: a flare grenade intended for marking underwater saboteur location, and a high-explosive one intended for their engagement. In the future, it is expected that a fragmentation and a non-lethal grenades will be additionally included in the ammo set of the grenade launcher. As a result, DP-64 will be converted into a multi-purpose weapon capable of defeating not only underwater targets, but also unsheltered manpower located on water surface, on craft (high-speed rubber boats, motor boats) and ashore.