Company’s profile

Joint Stock Company “Scientific Production Association “Bazalt” (JSC “SPA “Bazalt”) develops and manufactures up-to-date ammunition for the Land Forces, Air Force and Navy. The ammunition developed by JSC “SPA “Bazalt” are in the inventory of Armed Forces of over 100 countries of the world. In total, over 800 models of ammo adopted for service have been developed by Bazalt’s specialists.

On April 21, 1938 State Union Design Bureau # 47 (SUDB-47) was established pursuant to the Enactment of the Defense Committee under the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR, it was to provide fast and efficient development of aircraft bombs. Since December 2012, the Company is called Joint Stock Company “Scientific Production Association “Bazalt” whose sole stock holder is the State Corporation “Russian Technologies” (“Rostech”). The Company is structurally included in the Scientific Production Concern “Engineering Technologies” (JSC “SPC “Techmash”) of the State Corporation “Russian Technologies” (“Rostech”).

Throughout Enterprise’s 75-year history, its activity has totally been aimed at strengthening the defense capability of our Country.

Successful developments were confirmed by awards the specialists of the enterprise were honored with: over 600 specialists were decorated with orders and medals, 78 specialists became laureates of the Lenin, State and Russian Federation Government prizes.   

JSC “SPA “Bazalt” comprises three design bureaus, a research centre, a research and technological section, a mechanical, assembling/filling and testing division located in Krasnoarmeisk, a mechanical/assembling division located in Tula and a plant located in Nerekhta.

Such association makes it possible to create new model of ammo as per the full product-life cycle: R&D – manufacturing – testing – putting into series production – production and supply of product batches to customers with subsequent Designer’s supervision.

JSC “SPA “Bazalt” design, develops and produces the following items:

  • unguided aircraft bombs;
  • grenade launcher systems;
  • mortar rounds;
  • rounds for SP and towed artillery systems functioning in the “mortar/gun” mode;
  • hand grenades.

In 2002 the Enterprise was granted the right to direct foreign trade with regard to military-purpose produce including supply of spare parts, components, training equipment, survey, extension of service life, repairs (with product modernization, as well), disposal and other kinds of work to ensure comprehensive service maintenance of the previously supplied military-purpose produce. Today, the military-purpose produce developed by the Enterprise and approved for export supplies includes over 200 nominations and is supplied to 23 countries.  

The JSC “SPA “Bazalt” Administration is consistently engaged in building up of personnel reserve. The enterprise employs young specialists graduated from the leading Russian institutes, they are growing in number year after year. More than 50 per cent of them are represented by engineers and designers. To draw young specialists, a wide range of material and motivation stimulation measures is used by the enterprise. The Youth Public Council of SPA “Bazalt” has been functioning (working) for over three years, its main activity directions include organizational, educational, scientific and informational, sports and cultural work. It also includes interaction with Moscow, Russian and international public and youth organizations    

JSC “SPA “Bazalt” retained and successfully continues traditions of tutorship. Under the competent guidance of experienced specialists the young specialists of the Association take an active part in all products development stages: image forming, motion simulation, operation efficiency increasing, technological tests supervising.    

Due to generation continuity, retaining of the best working traditions and main activity directions, JSC “SPA “Bazalt” is steadily expanding its presence at the international arms market and remains to be one of the Russian leading defense industry enterprises meeting the Russian MoD demand for up-to-date armament.