Joint Stock Company “Scientific Production Association “Bazalt” (JSC “SPA “Bazalt”) is a full product-life cycle enterprise comprising the following subdivisions:

  • design bureau;
  • research and test centre;
  • research  and production engineering division;
  • mechanical, assembly-and-filling and test facilities.

Such structure provides for an optimized close-type cycle of ammo development and production.

JSC “SPA “Bazalt” head office, City of Moscow

It comprises research, design, production engineering departments and pilot mock-up production facilities. Up-to-date programming complexes for designing and research and theoretical studies, test, monitoring and measuring equipment and instrumentation make it possible to conduct research, design and production engineering optimization of products included in the assigned nomenclature of produce. The test mock-up subdivision provides for optimization and production of test mock-up components and assembly units.

In the head office premises there is a sports complex for staff, it comprises an indoor tennis court, a fitness gym and a therapeutic physical training complex.

Krasnoarmeisk-based research and production division, City of Krasnoarmeisk

Its production facilities allow for manufacturing, filling and testing of experimental and intended for factory and state tests batches of close-in weapons, projectiles, mortar rounds, marine anti-saboteur weapons, some kinds of aircraft bombs, as well as conventional ammo disassembling with the aim of their de-filling and de-fuzing by the method of assembling...

Tula-based production division, City of Tula

Its production facilities include the following:

  • machining/assembling facilities for manufacturing experimental, factory and state batches of aircraft bomb bodies, projectiles according to the full technological cycle including manufacturing of package (shipping containers);
  • non-ferrous metal casting;
  • rubber technical product section;
  • tools section for fabricating machine-tool attachments;
  • special-purpose cutting and measuring tools;
  • electroplating and paint coating sections.

 Nerekhta production division “Nerekhta mechanical plant”, City of Nerekhta

 The following kinds of production engineering have been mastered in the division:

  • automatic machine;
  • forging;
  • machine assembling;
  • woodworking;
  • aluminium allow die casting;
  • plastic moulding;
  • rubber moulding;
  • welding;
  • polymer and paint coating;
  • electroplating;
  • tooling.

This division specializes in the production of fuzing devices intended for close-in weapons and airborne armament.