Nonlethal weapons

Any non-lethal weapon is a means of accomplishing a mission without damaging seriously the hostile manpower. Today, lethality weapons include weapons which lethality rate does not exceed 25 per cent.

Non-lethal weapons are particularly needed for efficient struggle against international terrorism. That’s where their exporting prospects are the highest. 

SPA “Bazalt” specialists have developed non-lethal ammunition for portable grenade launchers and non-lethal grenades.

Non-lethal weapons can be used in counter-terrorist and peacekeeping operations, operations aimed at freeing hostages, in supporting humanitarian missions, in suppressing riots in prisons, for protection and defense of high-importance installations. Application of non-lethal weapons makes it possible to reduce the risk of manpower and civilian population losses and to eliminate or reduce the instruction destruction.

Non-lethal weapons employing non-lethal compounds allows for infringer incapacitating for some time,  for forcing them to renounce active actions, for preventing them from conducting aimed fire, to disturb or hinder control and their  interaction.